Friday, August 14, 2009

New website

My new website is now online, where you will find all the archives from my old blogs. Please change your bookmarks and links accordingly.

Serialisation of Corvus is complete, and the entire novel is available to download or to purchase as a paperback. Do be sure to listen to the podcasts, read by the superb Welsh actor Ioan Hefin.

See you over there!


Nannette said...

Hi Lee,

Just stopped by to award you with the Kreativ Blogger award. I really can't think of more creative blogging than your great use of the Internet.

Lee said...

Thank s so much, Nannette.

inna m said...

I just read mortal ghost. It took me five days. These days I like wanted to go back to the book And keep reading. I just finished it. Its 4 am almost. This is my favorite book now. I don't really have words to explain how much I loved it. It really did. You have such a magical way with words. Its just wonderful .

marly said...

Well, you never came back after those comments, so just wanted to leave a note to say you credit an obscure author with a great deal more bigheadedness than she has ever or will ever had! Hope all is going well with your writing.